What we do

An overview of our company

Services that we provide
  • Our services are not just limited to the parties that you host for your child, but we offer comprehensive services for all kinds of parties, taking care of the decoration and even the giving away of great gifts at the end of the party.
  • Starting from baby showers, quinceaneras, sweet 16, weddings, engagement, private parties, we have quality services for all kinds of parties and events. We have gathered an immense amount of experience by setting up booths at different festivals all around and even outside of the Greater Houston area. Some of the areas that we have covered while setting up booths at festivals include locations like Galveston, Conroe and the Woodlands.
  • We also provide delivery services, whereby we can either directly ship the orders to you or deliver it personally at the charge

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    of a trivial fee. We even deliver LED lit clear balloons for your events, which are inflated and assembled at the venue of your party.

More About Us

Our specialties

  • One of our specialties is the slime booth, which is very popular with children. We set up a booth, where your children can make their own slime and we provide all the materials that might be required. We also have 1 caterer always with us (the number of caterers may vary depending on the size of your event or the package that you had purchased) who will assist your child in creating his/her own slime along with his/her friends. Custom slime parties are also another thing that we provide to our clients, letting you achieve a sense of personalization in the party that you are hosting.
  • Another specialty of ours is LED lit products. From heart shaped clear lit balloons to round clear lit balloons, our LED balloons are one a kind and will change the dimensions of your party.

The reason people choose us

  • One of the reasons why people choose us is because of our unique balloons. They are one of a kind LED lit clear balloons, that will simply make you glance at them with glee and joy in your hearts.
  • We provide our slime making services outdoors, thereby saving you from the troubles of a messy house.a
  • We constantly strive to provide you with updates regarding the latest updates and newest gifts and items available with us in our inventory, making you be able to avail the latest services.
  • Our staff and professionals are very ethical, disciplined and punctual. They are dedicated towards arranging the best party for you and you can rely on them with the utmost confidence.
  • Our prices are really affordable and almost anyone can choose to afford us.

Our mission

  • Our company was discovered on the idea of creating parties and events that would be etched in your memory. Creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for you and your guests is one of our biggest priorities.
  • We also encourage and try to bring in front of you the latest gifts and that are perfect for festivals and parties. We say it with pride that our balloons have been able to turn heads in every festival that we have attended.

Other services that we provide

We are also known to provide a variety of other services, starting from theme-based party gifts and services, ideas for event planning, event rental services, event consultancy and above all creating memories that you will forever cherish.

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