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Helping you host the perfect party

Hosting a party is no easy task, especially if the party that you are hosting is for a child. Apart from all the nitty-gritties that go into making a party exciting, decoration and amusement are two of the most important aspects that need to be looked after. Hosting a party also comes with the added responsibility of giving away the perfect gifts that your visitors can take back as a token of love and appreciation from your end. Here at Event and Gift, we take the job of making your party the best that you have ever hosted very seriously. Although, we provide our services to all kinds of parties, our specialization lies in taking care of events and gifts that would be best suited for your child’s party. In order to learn about the kind of services that we offer, you need to first learn about who we are.

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Some things about us

  • Our company Event and Gift, is composed of two distinct members,

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    who are the founders and proprietors of this business. It is a business started by two and managed by two. We are a duo of husband and wife and our brainchild Event and Gift, was a result of our love for parties and our understanding of how such days of celebration are greatly important in the life of your child.

  • Our team consists of just the two of us, but we also have a dedicated and fun team of enthusiastic teenagers, who help us with our work. We hire extra teenage help if the need be, depending on the size and requirements of your party or event.
  • Some of the festivals that we attend and set up booths at include the Conroe Cajun Crawfish festival, Mardi Gras, Discovery green party booth amongst others.
  • One of the greatest qualities that our company has is that we understand the importance of family and try to bring the highest cheer and joy to your family with the help of our services. We pride ourselves for the caring and patient nature that we have towards our clients. We prioritize your needs and consult you every step of the way so that everything goes just as you desire.

Services that we provide

We are also known to provide a variety of other services, starting from theme-based party gifts and services, ideas for event planning, event rental services, event consultancy and above all creating memories that you will forever cherish.

The way we achieve our work

LED lit clear balloons

For the LED lit clear balloons that we sell, we bring

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with ourselves tanks of helium. We use these tanks on site and wrap our glorious LED lights around them. The LED lights come along with 2 AA pack of batteries. A minimum order requirement of 20 balloons is a must and we also sell these balloons at the different festivals that we attend.

Custom Slime Party

The slime that is available at our festivals is pre-made and sold in an individual manner. A small pack of foam beads in various colors is also provided with the slime. We also provide the services of setting up a slime booth at your party or event. We make sure that we bring all the required materials for the party along with us, which includes the add-ons. These add-ons include fake snow, glitter, multi-colored and white foam beads. Our caterers are careful and patient professionals who help guide your young one creates their very own slime to play with. After the slime making process gets over, we provide a container to each of the children to contain the slime carefully.

Products that we offer

Some of the products that we offer includes:

  • Clear round shaped balloons with LED lights
  • Clear heart shaped balloons with LED sticks
  • LED lit flower crowns in rose and cherry blossom variants
  • Masks
  • Balloon in a balloon
  • Bunny hats with ears that flip and flop
  • Butterfly hair clips
  • Slime Party including ready made slime and slime which you can make
  • Flying Balls
  • Bunny ear hair band
  • LED Sword
  • LED light installed pinwheels
  • Bubble stick wand
  • Frisbee
  • Flying saucer

Some of the partners that we have

We also bring to your party some partners along with us in order to provide you the benefits of every service that you might desire in your party. These partners include:

  • Photographer to click pictures of your memorable day
  • Bakery partners to cook the best cakes
  • Photobooth to get those authentic and candid pictures
  • Clown to make the day even more fun
  • Wedding dress stores contact to help the bride look her absolute best
  • Face Painter that creates colorful canvasses on your face
  • Henna Artist to create art on your hands

With the help of our comprehensive services you will definitely be able to host the best party in your life and help your child achieve the highest amount of glee and joy from the experience. Choose us at event and Gift to make your party truly memorable.

We are Here to Help!

A dedicated Host Specialist is personally committed to you and all your
Host-giving needs.

We are Here to Help!

A dedicated Gift Specialist is personally committed to you and all your
gift-giving needs.

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